State-of-the-art punching and forming technology

We produce technically sophisticated and geometrically complex punched parts. Sheets and wires with thicknesses of 0.1 mm – 3.0 mm are processed and delivered to our customers as bulk goods or strips. We work with various materials such as stainless steel, spring band steel, brass, bronze and copper. Surface coatings are carried out by certified companies. Modern punch presses with varying pressure force are used in our production.

With tools and automatic machines from leading manufacturers, such as Bihler punch-bending machines, high-performance presses and with the latest measuring technology, we can guarantee that our customers are always supplied with the highest-quality precision and bent parts. We also offer our customers economic solutions from prototypes to cost-effective serial production.

We produce for various industries such as the automotive industry, electrical engineering and medical technology
Examples are clamps, precision punched parts, flat contacts, crimp contacts, fasteners and joining elements, contact springs, clamps, contact sockets, connecting angle and also wire products for dental applications